Brief Biography of Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Hi. I'm Melanie Suzanne Wilson. My goal is to discover meaning and make a difference.



Who am I? I'm a continuous learner and always trying something new. I'm very serious about family and creativity.


Now is the time to value a slightly balanced life as much as possible. I value family, sustainability and peace.



I enjoy creating multimedia blog content. Coastal travel is my favourite way to relax.

Further information:

Family Background
Melanie Suzanne Wilson is married to Clay Wilson Halford. Their daughter Emily was born in 2018. Melanie Suzanne Wilson is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Wilson OAM and Gary Wilson OAM. 

Melanie was employed in marketing, public relations, education administration and publishing. She also previously owned and maintained an online retail store. She now focuses on creating her own content.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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