Brief Biography of Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Hi. I'm Melanie Suzanne Wilson. My goal is to discover meaning in all aspects of life and create value in communities. 



Who am I? I'm a continuous learner and always trying something new. I'm very serious about family and creativity.



I grew up in the north-west of Sydney. I now live on the Gold Coast in Queensland with my husband and daughter.

Having Fun 

I enjoy creating multimedia blog content for my own blogs. I'm open to guest writing in the future. Coastal travel is my favourite way to unwind on weekends. 


Formal Learning


My first academic degree was a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) from the Western Sydney University and included some study with the Southern Cross University. I attended the Parramatta campus of WSU from 2010 to 2012. Some of my fun electives included "Retail Marketing", "Urban Life Urban Culture" and "Philosophies of Love and Death". I learned how to create a professional strategic marketing plan. 


I then tried a few courses before attending the University of Technology Sydney, where I completed a Master of Arts (Journalism). This involved research, interviewing skills, fashion journalism, audio, video, interactive multimedia and entrepreneurial journalism.

Community Involvement


All positive communities are valuable ways to connect and grow. I was a member of Rotary for a few years. I completed a short course with Toastmasters in 2008. I became a member of Toastmasters International in 2010. I chose to conclude my membership in 2018 when starting a family. These days, I'm getting involved in online and offline communities of business owners.


Employed Work Career


My career is a part of the wider spectrum of experience. My first job was in corporate claims administration in 2008/2009, for inpatriate/expatriate insurance. I then focused on studies before working as a graduate in 2012. This started with unpaid experience in the marketing department of a hair removal brand. I did temporary work in superannuation banking over a summer. My working life took an interesting turn when I was a Student Services Officer for a high school that welcomed many international students. It included education marketing activities such as newsletters, designing a printed book, organising a televised segment and plenty of event management. I then focused purely on marketing in roles such as publishing at a solar energy company and public relations at a travel brand. After all that, I took a break to focus on staying healthy. 




Now is the time to value a slightly balanced life beyond careers and work. Balance may be an ideal. It simply means I'm not working 24/7. There's a season for everything. I'm dedicating time for growing value in family, personal development, work and community.


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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