Melanie's Family

Melanie Suzanne Wilson has a history of involvement with her grandparents, Elizabeth Wilson OAM and Gary Wilson OAM. Melanie is married to Clay Alan Wilson Halford, who legally changed his surname after the wedding. Gary's father, Sir Austin Wilson, is important historical context for the Wilson family.

Melanie's grandparents 

Gary Wilson OAM

Elizabeth Wilson OAM

Melanie Suzanne Wilson looks to her grandparents for inspiration as they are skilled leaders and speakers. 

Gary Wilson OAM received his Medal of the Order of Australia in May 2014 after being announced during Australia Day in January of that year. Gary is a Past International Director (PID) of Toastmasters International. 


Elizabeth Wilson OAM gained her own Medal of the Order of Australia two years after Gary's award. Her investiture was in May 2016 after being announced in the Australia Day list of January 2016. Elizabeth Wilson was the first female District Governor for Toastmasters District 70. She led Toastmasters in all of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory at the time.

Elizabeth Wilson is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with a spreading cancer that included spinal tumours in 2014. Elizabeth experienced symptoms in the first half of the year, struggling to walk during Gary's investiture. A miracle surgery ensured Elizabeth would continue living life years into the future. 

Gary and Elizabeth served as Supplies Officers for Toastmasters Supplies Australia, managing the online store and distribution for the nation.

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Melanie's marriage 

Clay Halford

Melanie Suzanne Wilson married Clay Alan Halford on 4th February 2017. Their relationship started in the middle of 2015.


Clay legally changed his name to Clay Alan Wilson Halford, with a double barrelled surname, after their wedding. This combined name symbolises equal partnership in marriage. 

After this, Melanie's married name became Melanie Suzanne Wilson Halford. She publicly uses the Wilson surname but uses the double barrelled Wilson Halford for personal purposes.


Melanie and Clay moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast in October 2017.

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Sir Austin Wilson OBE

Sir Austin Wilson was the father of Gary Wilson. Austin was Melanie's great grandfather. He worked as a director for companies in New Zealand. Along with other individuals, Sir Austin Wilson symbolises the Wilson family's history as kiwis. Elizabeth and Gary moved to Australia in the 60s, prompting the Wilson family's new beginning as Australians.

Melanie's daughter 

Emily Melanie Dorothy Wilson Halford

Melanie gave birth her daughter Emily on 15th November 2018 at the Gold Coast in Australia.

Bright Future

Melanie's family is evolving as the generations grow.

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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