Melanie Suzanne Wilson is on a journey to plant-based eating, gentle parenting and authentic purpose.

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Hello. I'm Melanie Suzanne Wilson. I am a content creator and speaker with a passion for living a meaningful life. My values transformed, thanks to new wisdom as an empowered mother.

More about Melanie:

Melanie explores sustainable consumption and hopes for minimalism. She now feels lighter thanks to her whole-foods plant-based food lifestyle.


Melanie has a professional background in marketing and public relations. She also learned journalism. Melanie focuses on content creation. She enjoys speaking, blogging and graphics.


Melanie Suzanne Wilson is the granddaughter of Gary Wilson OAM and Elizabeth Wilson OAM, leaders and public speakers with community involvement including Toastmasters. 


Melanie Suzanne Wilson married her husband Clay Alan Wilson Halford in 2017. Their daughter Emily Melanie Dorothy Wilson Halford was born on 15th November 2018.

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Melanie Suzanne WIlson with Elizabeth an

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